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Our shameless, irreverent self-promotion newsletter...
June 2014

Welcome Back!

Work in Progress
Work in Progress

Welcome back to our shameless, self-promotion newsletter. Remember that you can always download back issues and they are all free! The newsletters are full of inside studio tips, Kate's marketing articles, painting demos and advice on some of the top artist materials available. Click HERE for the ArtsyFartsy Newsletter archives of course, I like to include my recommendations for books and music in each issue. My workshop schedule is always updated - you can see it HERE.

Bob in Chicken Coop
Bob in Chicken Coop

It's springtime back at the ranch, so what better time to get chicks, build a chicken coop and start a new painting series of… chickens! 

Bob and Chicken Paintings
Bob and Chicken Paintings

The Buenaventura Art Association held a three day workshop - Contemporary Figure Painting & Collage. The male and female models were the best I ever worked with. I got to do some large charcoals as well. On the fourth day Kate and I conducted a one day Art Marketing Workshop to a crowded classroom filled with artists (and their managers) who want to make more money and get into more shows and galleries. They came to the right place! Great way to end the month of March.

Male & Female Drawings
Male & Female Drawings

April - Another fun-packed month started early in Portland, Oregon. The Watercolor Society of Oregon's three day Spring Convention had me hopping like a bunny. First, I was honored to have juried their "Awash in Color" aqueous member exhibition - selecting twenty award winners was challenging due to the high caliber of the submitted artwork. Next I gave two lecture and artwork critiques of members' paintings. I really enjoyed giving initial response critiques of the artwork to a "standing room only" audience of 300+ members. Later that evening I attended their annual awards banquet and had the opportunity to present the awards. The final morning was my 2 hour Demo. Many thanks to the capable tech crew for the overhead camera and lights!

WSO Show Opening
WSO Show Opening

Immediately after, we prepared the classroom for a 4 day Loosen Up with Aquamedia Workshop. What a blast that was! The organizers, leadership and enthusiastic  volunteers showed me how exciting it is to be a member of a well-run, statewide watercolor society. Bravo to you WSO! To read an article about my workshop in Oregon click HERE.

WSO Workshop
WSO Workshop

WSO Workshop Group Photo
WSO Workshop Group Photo

The next week, seven students from all over the USA arrived at my studio for our 3-1/2 day Studio Mentor Workshop and it was full of "crazy good" painters. New ones as well as full-on professionals. They came all the way from Florida, Oregon and all over California to paint their stuff in the studio and on the deck. I particularly like this studio time! I get to paint on my stuff too. Truly however, they come for Kate's lunches and daily soirees - and they also paint a lot! 

Studio Mentor Workshop Set Up
Studio Mentor Workshop Set Up

We will post our 2015 Studio Mentor Workshop dates next month.

Studio Mentor Workshop
Studio Mentor Workshop

Introducing a New One-on-One Workshop!

Burridge One Workshop logo

One on One with Bob in his studio!

3 days Private Studio Time

6 hour Studio Days

Your Project - Your Schedule

All Levels

Gourmet Lunches

To secure your date, schedule your time with Kate!

Workshops in the Spotlight

Working with a Model
Working with a Model

I just got back from a week at the Sedona Arts Center - what an amazing place - Large workshop room and those red rocks! The workshop was "Contemporary Figure Painting & Collage" and we worked with two undraped models. I have another Figure Workshop coming up soon at Dillman's in Wisconsin - the details are below. There are a couple of spaces available!

Contemporary Figure Workshop
Contemporary Figure Workshop

June 16-20, 2014

Artist Retreat - Contemporary Abstract Figure Painting

 & Collage

5-day Workshop (Monday-Friday) 

Dillman's Bay Resort & Creative Arts Foundation

Lac du Flambeau, WI 

Contact (715) 588-3143 or vacations@dillmans.com


Practice Figure Drawing!

Here's a couple of websites to use to practice figure drawing - they are both "suggested donation" based if you use them. Check it out and see what you think!

www.posemaniacs.com - 3D and Muscular
www.artists.pixelovely.com - Figure and Gesture Drawing

Studio Tip - Transparent vs Translucent?

Say, what's the difference? The Thesaurus says it best…. 


•Transparent is crystal clear and crisp.


•Translucent is a cloudy luminosity. You can see through it, but the image is semi-transparent. Think ghosts. 

Hope this "clears" it up! And what about Transparent vs Opaque?

Transparent or Opaque?
Transparent or Opaque?

Most paint tubes or jars will indicate somewhere on the label if the paint is either transparent or opaque. Different manufacturers use different ways to tell you. The most obvious way is to label the paint as transparent or opaque. Golden brand, however, shows you. A swipe of the color is placed over three little black bars on the label. If the bars are still visible, it's a transparent paint. If the bars disappear, the paint is opaque (duh!). The Holbein Acryla acrylic label shows a black dot pattern. 

All this is helpful info if you need to "cover up" an area in your painting or if you are color-toning an area in your painting. Just thought you'd find this info interesting!

More Studio Tips! - Mediums

Workshop Varnish Demo
Workshop Varnish Demo

A medium is a chemical formula that the artist adds to the paint for a desired effect. The huge variety of working characteristics for each medium is printed on the labels. The range of techniques for each is also huge. Slow to dry, fast to dry, glazing, thickening, thinning, heavy body, soft body, encaustic, marbling, waxes. And then there are a whole slew of artists' oil mediums. See, I told you there is a huge variety of mediums! Some manufacturers combine mediums AND varnish together in the same bottle. I'm not fond of combos. I prefer mediums for what they do and not for being fooled into thinking I'm getting two for the price of one.

Holbein’s Crystal Varnish
Holbein's Crystal Varnish

To varnish a painting, I use just varnish, such as Holbein's Crystal Varnish for a crystal clear protection or Holbein's Mat Varnish for a mat finish protection.

Dorland’s Wax Medium
Dorland's Wax Medium

Dorland's Wax Medium is an additive oil based medium I have used as a final wax protective  coating on my watercolors (no glass or mat needed), oils and acrylic paintings. It is incredibly versatile, has many uses and you should try it and see for yourself. I purchase a gallon for $85 from Cheap Joe's Art Stuff and use it for my oil paintings and for protecting my watercolors … like waxing a car!

To read more, click HERE for my article "Why Varnish your Oil, Acrylic & Watercolor Paintings?"

I have more tips for loosening up! Check out my Robert Burridge's Workbook & Studio Notes for more techniques to help you stay loose, relaxed and creative!

Robert Burridge's Workbook & Studio Notes

Click HERE for information and ordering!

Bob's Favorite Magazines

Yoko Ono Interview Magazine

"They cannot stop culture. And sometimes when there is pressure, Artists become more creative." - Yoko Ono

If you align with that, then you might add to your long magazine list - Interview.

Interview is an American magazine which has the nickname "The Crystal Ball of Pop". It was founded in late 1969 by artist Andy Warhol. Think pop culture, fashion, art stuff and art gallery openings and a handful of inquisitive articles. I'm looking at my December/January tableau sized copy of Interview. The Art Scene starring Yoko Ono. It's the closest we Americans have to those more cool European tableaux! I enjoy the up-to-the-minute news and big city cultural events. Think "Contemporary Art News." Read even more about Interview HERE. 

Art in America Magazine

Art in America is another of my monthlies. Navigating around the slick full page gallery and auction ads I eventually get to the meat… artist profiles and books, International news, but heavy on the East coast. It's pretty hip reading!

The art reviewers are paid so I try not to read their artspeak. After reading one of those reviews I have no idea what the painting or the artist's show is about. However, I feel I must read what else is going on outside of BobLand. 

Studio Music for June

Bob's Favorite Pandora Stations


•Pa' Bailar - Bajofondo  (Festival Tanguera-Electronica, instrumental)

Nightmares on Wax

•Nightmares on Wax - Carboot Soul (electronica roots, downtempo, trip hop)

•Sam Baker - Singer, songwriter, contemporary roots music

Say Grace by Sam Baker
Say Grace by Sam Baker

I listened to a segment of Fresh Air Weekend on our local NPR station - Sam Baker interview. You can get the podcast "Sam Baker: Finding Grace in the Wake of Destruction." 

Ask Kate About Art Marketing 

ASK KATE! With every newsletter, Kate will post your questions and her responses on the subject of marketing, sales, and promotion. If your question is selected for the newsletter, you will receive a Burridge Permission Mug. If you have a burning question that you would like to have answered -- for your benefit and everyone else's -- email Kate at kate@robertburridge.com

We have Art Marketing Workshops Coming Up!

Sunday, August 17, 2014   

Art Marketing for the Busy Artist 

Leading Edge Art Workshops

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Contact Louise Hall (403) 233-7389 or louise.hall@shaw.ca


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Art Marketing for the Busy Artist

Elverhoj Museum of History & Art

Solvang, California

Contact info@elverhoj.org or call (805) 686-1211


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Art Marketing for the Busy Artist

Art Box Studio

1302 Monte Vista, Unit 9

Upland, California

Contact Sylvia Megerdichian (909) 981-4508 or artboxsylvia@netzero.net


Art Marketing Tip - Art Festivals

At the Sausalito Art Festival
At the Sausalito Art Festival

10 Good Reasons to Show your Work at an Art Festival

1. Exposure to a wide audience

2. Lower commission (You get to keep more of the money!)

3. Direct connection with your buyers

4. You can sell your older artwork 

5. Network with other artists

6. Interest and/or representation from galleries

7. You are in control of your own space and "look"

8. Create your own body of work for the festival

9. Create social media, website and brochure around the festival

10. You are in business for yourself, which is a big deal!

Art Festivals can be a great way to supplement your income, get feedback for your work and meet other artists and gallery owners. When Bob was just starting out to see if making money was even an option, we entered a few art festivals nearby our community. That way we could try out the festival circuit without spending too much time and money! We had success in gaining collectors, a couple of awards and a few galleries in the process. Check out these resources below - There are many more out there too!

Recommended Sites, Apps and Publications

Sunshine Artist Magazine

There are many resources out there for discovering the top art festivals, local art festivals - even international art festivals! Sunshine Artist is just what the title implies - outdoor art festivals. You can subscribe to the magazine, get all the content online or download their app. I like this magazine because they rate the different festivals and give you valuable info such as, number of patrons attending, average amount of sales, whether there is an admission charge etc. They also have great articles about selling, setting up a booth space to name a few.

Professional Artist Magazine

Professional Artist Magazine (formerly Art Calendar Magazine) is a subscription-based magazine, also available online and as an app. They have a large community of artists as well with chat rooms, web pages and calls to artists. They are known for their "Listings" of Festivals, Galleries, Juried Shows and articles that specifically address marketing for artists.

Festival Network Online is an online events source - lists the Arts & Crafts fairs, as well as music festivals and home & garden shows.

And a big congratulations to our good friend Robin Walker - he showed his artwork at the Affaire in the Gardens Festival in Beverly Hills in May. The Beverly Hills Show is one of the top ones on the west coast. It is twice a year, May and October. Robin said this about being accepted - "Bob told me to send the work you like the best—not what you think they want.  Show the most original stuff. I did and they responded!" To see Robin's work, go to his website www.RobinWalkerStudio.com

Robin Walker
Robin Walker

Check out our Art Marketing Workbook and DVD!

Art Marketing Workbook and DVD
Art Marketing Workbook and DVD

Click HERE for details for Hot Art Marketing Workbook.

Click HERE for details for Making Money with your Art DVD.


Kate your Art Marketing Girl!
Kate your Art Marketing Girl!

Click here for top of page.

We Love our New Burridge Studio App

Burridge Goof Proof Color Wheel App
Burridge Goof Proof Color Wheel App

Introducing the Burridge Studio app for iPhone, iPad and Android.  Create show-stopping paintings with the help of artist, Robert Burridge. The Burridge Studio app features his Goof-Proof Color Wheel as well as several reference charts that help you achieve your painting goals, from Rembrandt-style lighting and painting the illusion of glass, to dynamic design compositions. Pinch to zoom, swipe and scroll through charts to get a better view of the techniques that Robert Burridge uses. New updated versions, click HERE to view in iTunes Store.

The Burridge Studio App is free - there are in-app purchases for the Color Wheel app and the 3 Studio Charts apps.

Color Wheel App - Red Dominant
Color Wheel App - Red Dominant

The Burridge Color Wheel app is pretty cool! It is interactive so you can touch the dominant color on the device's screen and it moves to reveal the color combination. Also included in this app is a image gallery of finished paintings and color combination demos, all identified with their color combination. Color Comparison Chart and instructions are also included. Looks great on Kate's iPad Mini and my iPad.

In App Purchases

Color Wheel App - $9.99

Studio Charts Apps - $4.99/each

Click HERE to view in iTunes Store

More Color Color Color!

A Quick Guide to the Standard Color Wheel

 Color Combo 1

Color depends on light. And for us to see any color, there has to be light. So therefore, a bright, colorful painting represents lots of light. Conversely, a dark painting represents a low light or hardly any color differences.

The color wheel is a very helpful tool to get you organized. Choose your color combination BEFORE you begin to paint. Place only those colors on your table. This will increase the chance of successful results.

Buy a standard color wheel or download my Goof-Proof Color Wheel app… it's totally different and place it near you, not hidden away in a drawer.

How the Standard Color Wheel Works

Standard Color Wheel

There are 12 colors that make up the standard Color Wheel. 

A combination of specific colors will help the artist achieve a very specific effect, i.e. peaceful, pleasant, dramatic etc.

You have many combinations to choose.

Here are popular color combinations for creating successful results.

1. Monochromatic - Any one color, all its tones and hues plus black and white.

Monochromatic Combination
Monochromatic Combination

2. Complementary - Any two colors opposite each other on the color wheel plus black and white.


Complementary Combination
Complementary Combination

3. Analogous - Up to four colors that are right next to each other, plus black and white.

Analogous Combination

Analogous Combination
Analogous Combination

4. Triadic - Three colors. Choose one color, then move and count to the fourth color. That color will be your second color. Then again, move and count to the next fourth color. That's your third color, plus black and white.


Triadic Combination
Triadic Combination

You will notice, starting at the color on the top (yellow) that the three primary colors (yellow, red and blue) are one of the Triadic color combination. You can choose any initial color and the Triadic combination will still be very pleasing.

3 Primaries


Color Combo 2

In the interest of brevity, there remains several more color combinations from which to choose. Many books have been published on color theory and I feel the book "PowerColor" by Caroline Jasper explains much more in depth with many color examples. She even included my paintings as examples.

Generally, artists are not fond of time-honored, given "rules" in painting. However I utilize some kind of color wheel combination that someone has already figured out for me. This increases my chance of a successful painting, no matter how wild or experimental I get. This practice also helps me not to make muddy colors.

Recommended Book on Color

Powercolor: Master Color Concepts for all Media

Powercolor: Master Color Concepts for all Media by Caroline Jasper

Paperback: 144 pages

Publisher: Watson-Guptill (March 1, 2005)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 082304260X

ISBN-13: 978-0823042609

Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 8.5 x 0.4 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds

(buy at Amazon)

Try This Assignment!

Learn about Mixing Wet Colors on the Page all the while Practicing Making "Chickens"

Wet into Wet
Wet into Wet

1. A wet into wet experiment.

On dry watercolor paper and only using clean water, paint a "chicken" shape. While wet, add a drop of color to the head and a different drop of color to the tail. Let the two colors run together at the belly area. Use very wet, saturated color and watch the two colors explode in the center of the body.  

This exercise teaches you about a loose, wet technique for mixing colors and to see how beautiful color can be when loosely mixed without over mixing, which results in mud.

2. Save those Turkeys!

Try this: I collect my not-so-hot paintings (I call them turkeys) and  trim all to the same size. (Sounds like a beginning series to me!)

Temporarily tape the papers to a larger board. This is a typical studio layout for me before resurrecting my turkeys.

Warm-up Paintings Taped to a Board
Warm-up Paintings Taped to a Board

Here are six - sized 6x9 inch abstract turkeys, or paintings that just didn't work out.

Chickens Started with a Mess
Chickens Started with a Mess

With a chicken silhouette in mind, I painted an opaque white color, over the background  - the part that didn't look like a chicken.

Chickens Done
Chickens Done

Continue on all six, all at the same time, refining as you go along.

Isolate with a Mat
Isolate with a Mat

Temporarily place a mat on each to tell if the painting is finished. This isolates the painting from the visual clutter and makes it easier to critique the finished piece.

Paint a Larger Canvas
Paint a Larger Canvas

Now paint a larger canvas, using the same familiar steps. Only this time, go larger. I once heard - Under great paintings are great abstract paintings first!


Another way to begin an adventurous journey of painting is to begin with pure abstraction. Under every great painting is a great abstract painting! I save my "failed" paintings for this exercise. 

Add more abstract colors, play around with transparent dyes and fluid acrylics. Let dry. Stare at the abstract painting and look for the chickens…

With the benefit of negative shape painting and opaque color, I eliminate the part of the painting that doesn't look like a chicken! This is also a great way to start your day in the studio as part of your daily warm up exercises. From there, I start on larger canvases.

For more of my daily painting warmups, see the new Summer 2014 Arcylic Artist magazine. "On the Move - Footloose, inventive and dynamic, Robert Burridge experiments with acrylic and collage in evolving series" is a feature article written by Christine McHugh.

Acrylic Artist magazine

Acrylic Artist magazine on News Stands Now

We Want to Hear From You

We Want to Hear From You
We Want to Hear From You

Keep those Studio Tips and your questions coming! If we use yours in an ArtsyFartsy Newsletter, we will send you a Burridge Permission Mug.

Mary Ellen from Colorado asks: "I recently purchased your DVD and it looks like you paint with gesso. What kind of brushes do you use for that and how do you clean them?"

Mary Ellen, Thanks for your question. I paint mostly in acrylics. My painted surfaces are primed - by me - using a white acrylic primer gesso. This includes priming watercolor paper, canvases or wood panels. Everything!

Bob Using Gesso
Bob Using Gesso

I prefer Utrecht's Professional White Gesso. I like the hard finish. Plus, I use this gesso as my white color and mix it into my acrylic paint. It does not dry chalky. It is my white for everything. 

Utrecht Professional Acrylic Gesso
Utrecht Professional Acrylic Gesso

And for us who prefer to paint an overall color tone first, I use one of the eighteen color gessoes  from Holbein. I gesso AND tone all at once! Great stuff.

Holbein Color Gesso
Holbein Color Gesso

Note: I suggest you do not add your own color paint to any white gesso to do an overall tone. You may not get the color you want. The white pigment is too pigmented and your final color may be too pastel. Go straight to Holbein Color Gesso. It comes in a bag - crazy huh?

To clean your brushes, I suggest a good professional brush cleaner such as Murphys Oil Soap, CitraSolv Castile Soap, or Bristle Magic. My brushes are synthetic bristles, combined with a natural hair. They not only hold their shape and stay flexible - they disperse a lot of wet juicy color.

Bob’s Brushes
Bob's Brushes

That said, I pick out my brushes when I'm in an art store or a trade show so I can feel them. It's a "thing" with me - number sizes don't mean a thing to me. And besides… there is no standard in sizing and numbers!

Framing Follow-up from last AFN

Perfect Picture Frame

Check out their website www.perfectpictureframe.com - they even have a "featured artist of the month." But even better - Burridge ArtsyFartsy Newsletter subscribers get a 10% discount from Perfect Picture Frame. The code is BobB.

Bob's Resource List of Favorite Stuff for his Studio!

I am asked - What are my favorite art materials I work with in my studio?  I put together this list - from paint to paper to brushes; varnishes to mediums; barrier creams to signing pens! As I discover more products and fall in love with them, I will add to my list. These are the products and materials that work for me!

Click HERE to see my New Resource List!

The Studio is Open!
The Studio is Open!

Open your Mind...

Open your Heart...

Open the Door!


Websites We Like!

International Society of Acrylic Painters - New juried show schedule


Citra Solv LLC  - They have a new newsletter!


Citra Solv's New Art Contests!


Dillman's Creative Arts - Follow them on Pinterest!


More Recommended Websites

Bajofondo Music

Beverly Hills Affaire in the Gardens Show

Bristle Magic Brush Cleaner

Buenaventura Art Association

Crystal Productions Color Wheel

Festival Network Online

Holbein Acrylic Color Gesso

Nightmares on Wax

NPR Radio

Perfect Picture Frame

Professional Artist Magazine

Sunshine Artist Magazine

Utrecht Professional Acrylic Gesso

Vermont Art Supply/Black Horse Studio Project

Watercolor Society of Oregon

Robert Burridge
Burridge Workshop for Artists

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