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July/August 2008

Welcome back!

Bob with "Make Things..."
Bob with "Make Things..."

I was going to say "Wow, it's finally summer - but gee, it's almost over already! June and July were filled to the brim with studio workshops, art & wine events, and lots of travel. Since June, I have been to Cheap Joe's "Boone in June" event in North Carolina, Cloudcroft Art Workshops in New Mexico, Mendocino Art Center in Northern California, Holbein's Vermont Art Event and Jerry's Artarama in Raleigh, North Carolina! Everywhere I go, I get to meet new artists with that driving passion to paint and create. I love my job!

Cloudcroft Group Shot
Cloudcroft Group Shot

Wonderful time was had by all at Cloudcroft, New Mexico! I was scheduled to do a plein aire workshop and the weather didn't exactly cooperate! We got outside a couple of times - but it was great to take refuge in our indoor studio. Nancy Standlee took this workshop and she has a great blog - she chronicled our workshop experience in great, creative detail. Click HERE to go to her blogspot and take a look! I've signed up for her blog - she does a great job. I think that's our next project for the ArtsyFartsy News - start a blog! Stay tuned.

Bob's Back at the Sausalito Art Festival

We are thrilled to be back at the Sausalito Art Festival this year. Historically rated in the Top Five Outdoor Art Festivals in the county, the Sausalito Art Festival is the one that all artists need to do! The organizers treat us like gods and goddesses! Not only do they help unload - they provide the tent, a hospitality room for the artists with daily breakfast, lunch and snacks, massages, a wine reception, as well as a remarkable Gala Evening Event. If you're in the Bay Area, come on by!

Burridge in Booth #260
Sausalito Art Festival
Labor Day Weekend 2008
Friday August 29th 6:00pm · Gala Premiere
Saturday August 30th · 9:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday August 31st · 9:00am - 6:00pm
Monday September 1st · 9:00am - 5:00pm
In Scenic Northern California
Red Sqaure

Product Spotlight

Light as a Feather & Line Judges Light as a Feather & Line Judges
Light as a Feather & Line Judges

At the Sausalito Art Festival we will feature my Circus Series, Roadside Attractions and new, small works on paper and canvas. Keeping that in mind, we thought we would preview our new limited edition giclées: "Light as a Feather" and "Line Judges," created for the Festival. They are available in two sizes, 11.5x11.5 (100 only) and 17.5x17.5 (50 only) canvas only. Click HERE for pricing and ordering information. Red Sqare

Workshops in the Spotlight

You would think I'd be tired of traveling, but Kate and I are gearing up for a busy Fall. We will fly to Farmington, New Mexico in September to teach a three-day Art Marketing Workshop at San Juan College.

Not selling your artwork? Find out what you're doing wrong and how to fix it in this three day workshop. The Burridge's will answer your questions, listen to your problems and share their creative solutions! "Do this! ... not that," is the focus of the course, all geared to help you be a successfully selling artist. Topics included: How to photograph your artwork, write great artist statements, put together a winning portfolio, pricing, copyright law, how to find and keep the perfect gallery, and much, much more.

September 19-21, 2008
Art Marketing: Business Success for the Busy Artist

3-Day Workshop (Fri-Sun)
San Juan College
4601 College Blvd
Farmington, NM 87402
Contact Cindy McNealy, Gallery Coordinator, San Juan College (505) 566-3464 or email mcnealyc@sanjuancollege.edu

Bob Showing his "Pearsonality" in a recent Mendocino Workshop - photo and painting by Stephanie Lam
Bob Showing his "Pearsonality" in a recent Mendocino Workshop - photo and painting by Stephanie Lam

Patrick Monsivais & Bob in Mendocino
Patrick Monsivais & Bob in Mendocino

Bob at Mendocino Workshop
Bob at Mendocino Workshop

For more fun workshop photos click HERE go to our Workshop Photos section.

It's Not Too Late to Join Us in Guatemala November 24 - December 3, 2008.

Views of Guatemala
Views of Guatemala

Workshop Setting and Highlights

Guatemala City:
Discover the beauty of the Hotel Vista Real (www.vistareal.com) overlooking the City and facing the colossal "Fuego" and "Agua" volcanoes. Its feel and look is a resplendent blend of Guatemalan and Mexican art and architecture.

Lake Atitlán and Villages:
Travel through the highlands of Guatemala with vistas of great mountain peaks, plateaus, and valleys. Lake Atitlán, "the most beautiful lake in the world", with its three towering volcanoes standing guard over azure waters and twelve Maya villages is truly inspirational. You will feel suspended in time as you watch a Maya fisherman in his dugout cayuco, plying his trade as his ancestors have done for centuries. The color, the dramatic landscapes, the deeply entrenched Maya culture will create memories to last a lifetime. Stay at the Hotel Atitlán (www.hotelatitlan.com), on the water's edge and surrounded by beautiful botanical gardens.

The markets are the "crown jewel" of Guatemala, brimming with beautiful hand woven textiles and splendid works of art and crafts in designs and techniques passed on from generation to generation. The Maya/Catholic rituals and open-air market of world famous Chichicastenango, and the blazing colors of everyday dress will enthrall you. Here you will stroll the market and visit the churches of this unique Maya village.

In a verdant valley, surrounded by lofty volcanoes, the picturesque, time trapped city of Antigua will capture your heart. The romantic ambiance of its richly textured ruins, draped in vibrant bougainvillea, its peaceful parks, cobblestone streets, churches, monasteries, and colonial homes with courtyards provide artistic inspiration. Your home in Antigua will be the beautiful Palacio de Doa Leonor, former site of the home of the daughter of Pedro Alvarado, conqueror of Guatemala. The Palacio is today an elegant mansion tastefully decorated to invoke 17th century luxury, and just a few steps away from the main plaza.

Tikal Add-On (pre-workshop) November 23 24, 2008
Discover Tikal, the lost world once inhabited by the ancient Maya more than two thousand years ago, a legacy to one of the most refined civilizations in the history of the world. Mammoth pyramids with temples on top attest to the skill, intelligence, and high civilization of these ancient peoples. Who were they? Why did they disappear? Their voices speak from the dust through the ruins left behind, ruins that rival any Egyptian site.

Join Us for the Trip of a Lifetime!
November 24 - December 3, 2008.

Special side-trip to Tikal, November 23-24!
Join us in Guatemala this November and December for a painting workshop and cultural tour! Brochures are ready now! Contact Kate at kate@robertburridge.com to have a brochure sent to you or contact John Korte for more information regarding registration and costs at www.exploreguatemala.com

Click HERE to view photos from the November 2007 Guatemala Workshop.

Click HERE for Message from Bob.

We had such an amazing time last year-- we're looking forward to going again!

Don't miss this one! Red Sqaure

Recommended Book

Creative Authenticity

"Creative Authenticity 16 Principles to Clarify and Deepen your Artistic Vision"

Yeah, I know, not another one of those "artist self-help books." You never finished reading your last one! But get this one - it's paperback, portable and you will get real answers to your "artist problems." You already know how I feel about painting everyday - strong, relevant and integrated. Ian Roberts is insightful, as well as being a fabulous painter.

Here's what other book reviews have said about Creative Authenticity: "…direct insights that are timeless and resonate for artists in any medium," "could help in a big way if you run into personal and practical obstacles" and "…enthusiastically recommended reading for anyone wanting to engage in their own artistic aspirations."

So it's not just me! I've read it twice. If you want to make a difference in your art and your painter's life, this book just might be your new best friend.

PS-- Not a step-by-step painting book! Get this book and read it!

Creative Authenticity - 16 Principles to Clarify and Deepen your Artistic Vision by Ian Roberts
Paperback: 184 pages
Publisher: Atelier Saint-Luc Press, January 1, 2004
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0972872329
ISBN-13: 978-0972872324
Buy at Amazon

Video Review

Strokes of Genius: Franz Kline

Franz Kline VHS Video
Franz Kline VHS Video

This video is one of the Strokes of Genius VHS collection. Strokes of Genius came out with six different videos showcasing the personal lives and artistic contributions of the principal leaders of the Abstract Expressionist movement. Look for more video reviews of this important six-part series.

Franz Kline is one of my favorites! I admire him for his courage and risky, large-scale black and white abstractions. He died in 1962 - and it has somewhat bothered me lately that technically, I could have met him! Given the timing, I could have also met Matisse, Picasso, Diebenkorn and Miró... but I digress! This VHS video is short - just thirty minutes long. Great for having in your library for a quick pick me up. You may be amazed (like I was) at his early skill level of paintings and drawings. They look very fresh and contemporary, even today.

Kline had a great deal of confidence, took lots of classes and finally announced triumphantly, "I got it!" From that point, he started his large scale, solid form paintings we all know so well.

Stokes of Genius: Franz Kline captures Elaine and Willem de Kooning, as well as others, reminiscing about those early days of abstract development. As Elaine remarked, "We never considered ourselves poor - we just didn't have any money."

Strokes of Genius: Franz Kline
Actors: Dustin Hoffman
Directors: Carl Colby
Format: Color, Full Screen, NTSC
Number of tapes: 1
Studio: Direct Cinema Limited
VHS Release Date: December 1, 1982
Run Time: 29 minutes
Buy at Amazon
Red Sqare

Ask Kate about Art Marketing

ASK KATE! With every newsletter, Kate will post your questions and her responses on the subject of marketing, sales, and promotion. If your question is selected for the newsletter, you will receive a Burridge Permission Mug. If you have a burning question that you would like to have answered -- for your benefit and everyone else's -- email Kate at kate@robertburridge.com

Ruby from Chester, Virginia asks: I have, for the first time, had giclées of my recent art. This was done at a large, reputable studio that specializes in high end reproductions. At the urging of the manager I produced what she referred to as enhanced giclées. I have taken one whole set and enhanced them all differently. Please tell me your feelings about this practice. If they are changed greatly, could they qualify as originals? In my display, I refer to them as enhanced giclée. I am, of course, selling them for much less than the original in spite of the fact that it takes a great deal of time to enhance them. I am not just throwing a little paint on to alter it slightly. I frequently change the tone of the entire painting.

Dear Ruby, Great question - and yes, this is pretty standard practice in our industry. We first heard about this "option" from the galleries we work with. They wanted another "price point" to offer customers that would fall between an original and a print. You are very correct in referring to them as "enhanced giclées - even with a total redo, I would never sell or market them as originals. Another descriptive phase I have heard for these hybrids of the art world is "limited edition uniques." Make sure that you state exactly what the artwork is on your certificate of authenticity for your purchaser. Thanks again Ruby - hope this helps!

Here's another question about giclées...

Sam from Visalia, California asks: If I create an original painting, does it increase or decrease the value of the original if I make 200 giclées? If I am selling the original and the buyer knows that there are 200 giclées out there, does that make his original worth more?? Or, if I do not make any giclées of my original and just sell my painting as a one time original, does the 'rare' factor make the original worth more?

Thanks for your question Sam! We first started publishing giclées thru a Gallery and they did raise the price of the original painting that the giclée was based on. The original was at least 25% if not 30% higher than a painting of the same size. Their rationale was the "original" vs "print" rationale. In my way of thinking, if you can justify the pricing to your customer base, so be it! I do make sure that I standardize all the originals/prints prices, however, so our pricing structure still has structure and not just arbitrary figures I've pulled out of the air. A great publication you might want to look into is Art Business News. Monthly publication. Lots of prints/galleries/expos business. Thanks Sam, hope this helps!

Special Note: We have updated the "How to Photo" Notes in our Hot Art Marketing Workbook. We collaborated with our pro photographer, Forrest Doud from San Luis Obispo. This new section includes more up-to-date info on digitals. If you would like to update your book, please send us $5.00 and a Self-Address Stamped Envelope ($42-cent postage) Thank you!

For more info, click HERE to check out our Hot Art Marketing Workbook.

Thanks for asking Kate! Red Square


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The Composition of the Month

Spiritual/Portrait - Number Twelve in our featured series.

Spiritual/Portrait Black & White Sketch
Spiritual/Portrait Black & White Sketch

Spiritual/Portrait Black & White Painting
Spiritual/Portrait Black & White Painting

A singular, spiritual subject. Also known as Portrait Subject. Per se, this composition is really not considered "graphic design" as the other eleven compositional designs. A Spiritual Composition is more personal and is derived from every individual's personal religion, nationality, belief system and life experiences.

For instance, a pure white canvas with a singular black dot in the center might indicate the influence of Zen Buddhism; or a singular triangular pyramid may be meaningful to an Egyptian, an Aztec or a Christian. It's personal.

Yin Yang - 30 x 50 inches, acrylic on canvas Created for the movie, Dean Quixote
Yin Yang - 30 x 50 inches, acrylic on canvas Created for the movie, Dean Quixote

Also, when I'm asked what design composition my single Pear paintings follow, it's a portrait. A portrait of a pear, a natural form or even an abstracted portrait of the female form.

Pears as Body Parts
Pears as Body Parts

If you have been receiving our last eleven issues of the ArtsyFartsy News, you now have collected all my basic twelve design compositions for a painting. If you missed any issues, you can find them in our Article Archives. If you want to watch me demonstrate, or even paint along with me, my DVD "Start Abstract Painting Today! features all twelve compositions. Red Sqare

Start Abstract Painting Today! DVD
Start Abstract Painting Today! DVD

60 minutes. Very hip film for the painter who wants to really start abstract painting today. Learn the 12 design compositions, "extreme painting" section, Bonus BobLand and more. DVD only. Click HERE to view video clip and ordering information. Red Sqaure

Try this Assignment

My Daily Warmups - Part Three in a series of Three

Finishing Up - Adding the Wow! and Extended Color

Overall Finishing Techniques
Overall Finishing Techniques

In the last newsletter I wrote about why I tone my surfaces first in a midtone color - like orange. Whether I am working on a larger, full sheet or my warmup paint sketches, I use an orange-tinted monochromatic underpainting on my paper or canvas first.

To finish up this three part assignment series, here are two painting tidbits that have "punched up" my paintings. The final brush strokes to all of my works incorporate a "WOW" surprise color plus creating a glow in one particular area.

To create a glow, painters for centuries have coined the phrase "extended color." Simply put, it's a color illusion - a painter's trick. For instance, the yellow pear against a blue background illustrates how this works. The brightest yellow part (highlight) will appear brighter and seem to glow if you paint a color green between the yellow and blue area. (See detail)

Extended Color "Glow" Detail
Extended Color "Glow" Detail

It is as though the light bounces off the yellow highlight and creates a haze or glow of extended color - it's green because of the combination of blue and yellow.

The WOW factor is exactly what it describes. The viewer looking at your work might say "Wow!" when surprised by a unexpected color placed in an expected area. I refer to this phenomenon as the result of a reflected color emanating somewhere away from the painted scene. (See detail) Holbein's hot pink Opera is my favorite WOW color. Hint: Use it sparingly and only in one area.

WOW Detail
WOW Detail

To read the article, Warm-up Exercises for Artists by Daniel Grant in the July issue of American Artists Magazine, click HERE. Red Sqaure

Lots of Studio Tips from Bob - Can with Holes

This advice may not be very eye opening because it's so obvious! Transporting my paints and studio stuff to workshops via airlines, and before packing, I place everything in those new extra large Ziplock bags. Available in three sizes, they are huge and clear - I can see what's in each one - they're reusable, rugged and most importantly they keep me organized!

Perfect Packing Bag for Bob
Perfect Packing Bag for Bob

And look at the photo on the box: The lady is an artist carrying her paints! So, it's not my idea. As you know, we travelers are accustomed to putting our liquids in plastic bags. Soon, our planet is going to be consumed in plastic bags. But, to offset my guilt in using so much plastic, I've found and use a recycled plastic cover sheet for my studio tables, made by Husky. Buy the 4ml thick sheet - more durable.

Husky Plastic Sheeting for Tables
Husky Plastic Sheeting for Tables

And here's the last tip for this issue. It's actually a house painter's trick. When painting out of a can, you can avoid all that extra built-up paint crud around the top of the can's rim. After opening the can, I punch holes inside the rim with a screwdriver or a center punch.

Drip Holes and Screwdriver
Drip Holes and Screwdriver

This allows the extra wet paint to drain back into the can. These are the weird little things I've learned along the way! Red Sqaure


Bob & Stephanie
Bob & Stephanie

Stephanie Lam, who paints passionate pet portraits, was in my Larger & Looser Workshop at the Mendocino Art Center last month. When she sent a CD of photos she had taken during the workshop, she also sent the following notes from the workshop, titled "Things I Learned from Bob - Notes from the Mendocino Workshop" Thanks Stephanie! www.studiopet.com

• Painting should be fun, messy and irreverent!
• Gesso should be like frosting, not Elmer's Glue.
• Paint flat. Seriously.
• No really, paint FLAT.
• Minwax is my friend. Frothing is not.
• Everyone needs a Kate.
• It IS possible to make $150 in 3 minutes. Sort of.
• Two words: drip painting.
• Viva la paper towel!
• Popsicle sticks are actually paint spoons in disguise.
• Make plastic drop cloths your palette.
• Paper is the new canvas.
• Nova Color Paints are the industry's best kept secret.
• Blab your secrets.
• CitraSolv + National Geographic = World's Best Collage Material (and it smells nice too!)
• Cheap paint suck. Sucksucksuck.
• Prime your hands - you prime your other work surfaces, don't you? (Beezolio, baby!)
• You are an athlete. Warm Up and cool down accordingly.
• Don't ever change.
• Who says paintbrushes should be long and skinny? Bust out some electrical tape and makes some TOOLS, man!
• If you're excited about it, it's a good idea.
• Anchor objects to the table with a dark line underneath them.
• Good paintings are like good photographic portraits - one thing is in sharp focus and the rest is a little blurry.
• Paint verbs.
• Keep drawing.

Stop at 90%
Stop at 90%

• Stop at 90%.
• Don't plan an entire painting out in your mind before you paint it. Leave room for excitement, imagination and spontaneity.
• Write down your goals for a painting before you start. That's how you know when you're finished.
• Content Composition Color Commitment!
• Murphy's Oil Soap: not just for hardwood floors.
• Screw the little cups of water. Bring on the buckets!
• Yeah, but does it look good from 3 feet away.

Draw on Your Paintings
Draw on Your Paintings

• Draw on your paintings.
• Pick gallery owners that can sell a used car.
• When you come back to a painting, reestablish lights and darks.
• Shadows are always the complementary color of the light source.
• Sharpie makes oil based pens.
• "What is your policy for reviewing new portfolios?"
• Photograph your paintings on gatorboard and black cotton velvet.
• It never hurts to have a little Husch with your painting.
• Make money while you sleep. License!
• Artists can be businesspeople too. And really good ones at that.
• Real artists PLAY. A lot.
• Humility is cooler than talent.
• Share your genius.
• Oh look A CHICKEN!!!
Red Sqare

Chicken #1SpacerChicken #2
Chicken #1 & Chicken #2

Music to Paint (and Move!) By

Drumming in France!
Drumming in France!

More music! My taste in music is rather eclectic. In my studio and during workshops I play many different styles - classical, world, jazz, lounge Below are a few more of my favorites.

• Andreas Vollenweider
Down to the Moon
Audio CD (July 12, 2005)
Original Release Date: July 12, 2005
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Enhanced, Original recording remastered
Label: Kin Kou
Buy at Amazon

•Strunz & Farah
Audio CD (September 14, 1999)
Original Release Date: May 12, 1992
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Selva Records
ASIN: B00001X541
Buy at Amazon

• Zero 7
Simple Things
Audio CD (November 13, 2001)
Original Release Date: June 12, 2001
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Palm Pictures
ASIN: B00005R5M6
Buy at Amazon

For more music, Click HERE to go to my favorite Workshop Music. We will post more favorites and new finds every month in our ArtsyFartsy News and on my website. We've separated them into categories to make it easier. Enjoy!

"While I am doing my work, I am aware of the fact that there are 1000s of other artists right now in their own studios going through the same mind-chatter and fears that I'm going through. Simply, artists learn how to proceed, or they don't." Red Square

Bob with Drawing
Bob with Drawing

Robert Burridge

Burridge Workshop for Artists

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