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The History of my Permission Slip
June 2007

The History of my Artist Permission Slip
Years ago, while attempting to encourage my workshop painters to paint the way THEY have always wanted to paint, I recalled a trivial little protocol while attending parochial grade school. (oh those poor nuns!) If I wanted to do anything not on my normal schedule, such as visiting the library or leaving class early for band practice, I had to get a "permission slip" from the Sister Superior. Go ahead think what you will, but it kept me in line-sort of!

The permission slip in my hand allowed me the freedom and power to roam anywhere.

So I came up with an idea for artists: They too, need a permission slip. PERMISSION TO PAINT THE WAY THEY HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO PAINT.

Permission Slip
Permission Slip

In my workshops I hand every painter their own Permission Slip. It's just a yellow piece of paper with "Permission" printed on it. It's a goofy idea, but transforms the trembling artist into a powerful "can do" painter. Put one in your hands and hang in your studio as a constant reminder to paint the way you have always wanted to paint! I'm not responsible for what happens next. Red Square

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