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You cannot wait until you get better. Do the best you can now, today. And you will get better at what you want to create.

I'm not good at a lot of things but it never stopped me from doing my best work.

I practice warm-up exercise painting daily. Before working on large formats, I paint several small "what if" paintings to teach myself about painting.

Good work habits and daily painting routines will lead you to your next best work.

Right now, you are the best of who you are. Your work will not get better by itself... and you are the closest person to your next best work.

Remove the concept of "fear of failure" and the concept of "fear of success" from the creative process. Add instead, "what if" to your creative self -- I'm more interested in what I don't know than what I can do.

Passion is more conducive to a creative result than technique.

You get more creative by doing more creative works, not less works.

My biggest creative breakthroughs arrive unannounced during my non-logical, unfathomable thinking process.

While I am doing my work, I am aware of the fact that there are 1000s of other artists right now in their own studios going through the same mind-chatter and fears that I'm going through. Simply, artists learn how to proceed, or they don't.

Believing you are creative is 50% of the creative process.

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