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Weekly BobBlast #94
"Color Combinations that Work" VIDEO

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Dear Artist,
Color Combinations that Work for Me.

When I refer to the 4 colors on my Goof-Proof Color Wheel, and only use that 4 color combination as indicated on the spinning pointer, the painting stands a good chance of success.

This painting demo begins with the Dominant Color purple. The composition is a diagonal design. Referring to the color wheel, the Focal Point pointed to the color green. Brush in the Focal Point color.

All that is technically remaining to do is paint the two small Spice Colors close to the Focal Point Color. That's basically the stages, and then while everything is still wet, I begin to paint towards the title image and my intention.

Rule to use as a guideline:
80% - Dominant Color
10% - Focal Point Color
5% - Spice Color
5% - Spice Color

As mentioned in earlier BobBlasts, there are various color wheels in the world - try different ones and see which feels right to you.

Thank you for your interest, questions, comments and support!

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"Color Combinations that Work" video.

BobBlast #94 Color Combinations that Work

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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Bob, in his studio, painting with Color Combinations.
video run time 4 minutes, 41 seconds

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