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Weekly BobBlast #93
"Painting Demo - Hawaii" VIDEO

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Dear Artist,
Sunday Afternoon Painting Demo at the Hawaii Watercolor Society

This BobBlast was recorded live at the Hawaii Watercolor Society's exhibition hall - right after jurying their annual members' exhibit.

Technically, this was not the best set-up condition to film, but what the hey! We did our best, and besides, it's free! Plus we thought it would be fun to show portions of a demo for those who have never seen me "in action..."  
So - don't forget to watch the video!

An excited, enthusiastic group of watercolor painters all came out to watch 
the demonstration about starting their next loose painting. In just under two hours, I could not complete a painting, so I started with loose, abstract and very wet fluid acrylics, along with Holbein watercolors. Ending up with negative-shape painting techniques, the artwork developed into... what else, a Pineapple!

The demonstration was really all about starting a painting extremely loose 
and colorful - then putting in a WOW! It turned out okay.

Work on your next painting until you "knock your socks off" and you hear yourself say, "Wow."

Thank you for your interest, questions, comments and support!

The above lessons and much, much more are featured in my Studio Workshops in Arroyo Grande, CA! 

I have two more Five Day Instructional Studio Workshops scheduled for 2016:

May 11-15 (Wednesday-Sunday)
August 24-28 (Wednesday-Sunday)

Daily workshop hours are 9am-4pm (1 hour lunch break)

To secure your spot for a Studio Workshop, email!

Hope you have enjoyed these short, weekly blasts! Sign up on my website and keep watching. There are lots of them! 


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"Painting Demo - Hawaii Watercolor Society" video.

BobBlast #93 Painting Demo - Hawaii

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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Bob, in a live demonstration for the Hawaii Watercolor Society.
video run time 24 minutes, 15 seconds

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