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Weekly BobBlast #74
"Protect your Hands!" VIDEO

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Dear Artist,
Protect your Hands

Here's another BobBlast Studio Tip! 

This week's BobBlast is all about protecting your hands and skin while painting, plus an extra side benefit as well.

I tend to get paint on my hands, especially painting with sponges, paper towels, large brushes and - all too often - my fingers. Great fun to paint 
this way, however, a considerable time is spent scrubbing at the end of 
the day!

Tried rubber and nitrile gloves, but not for long! I needed to FEEL the paint.

Three hand-cream products - easily found on the market - really work 
for me. These products act as a hand barrier cream, applied BEFORE painting. 

Here's the side benefit for "Messy-Hand Painters" - When finished painting, wash your hands and all the paint comes off easily. No more scrubbing. 

Gloves in a Bottle - Like an invisible pair of gloves.

Skin Safer by Marvelous Marianne - Concentrated barrier cream.

Burt's Bees Hand Salve - a farmer's friend!

All three should be tried. All three work great. Better art stores and natural food-type stores carry at least one of these.
To see how I do this click on the video link below.

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Don't forget. Watch the video!


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"Protect your Hands!" video.

BobBlast #74 Protect your Hands!

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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Bob Holding Favorite Hand Barrier Creams
video run time 2 minutes, 35seconds

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