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Weekly BobBlast #69
"Revisit Your Familiar Subjects" VIDEO

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Dear Artist,
Revisit Your Familiar Subjects!

Yes, I have found that when I need a break from my new abstract work... that happens! There are days when I need to take a step back and work 
on something else. I need to clear my head and this helps me look at my abstract work with fresher eyes.

So - what do I do? I pull out my familiar subjects - the "Good Life" series 
of coffee cups, wine bottles, floral still lifes and pears! All familiar subjects
that are fun to paint again!

Yep - Throw-back-painting!

Don't forget to look at my video - I have included a demonstration on painting the illusion of glass vessels... includes floral vases and wine bottles! Enjoy!

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Don't forget. Watch the video!


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"Revisit Your Familiar Subjects" video.

BobBlast #69 Revisit Your Familiar Subjects

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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Revisit Your Familiar Subjects
video run time 6 minutes, 59 seconds

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