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Weekly BobBlast #65
"New Watermedia for Bob" VIDEO

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Dear Artist,
New Watermedia for Bob.

This week's BobBlast is about watercolor paints... with a twist! 

I refer to my work as watermedia - if it dissolves in water, I paint with it. 

Watercolor paints traditionally come in tubes or pans. Very portable and easy to travel with! Then came acrylic paints - tubes, bottles and jars. And most recently, Fluid Acrylics have been introduced as a new type of watermedia. Fluid Acrylics are kind 
of a hybrid... is it a watercolor or an acrylic? Yes! ...and not really. Fluid Acrylics flow 
like watercolor paint - and yet, the creamy, thick color has a bit more body.

Watch the video below. I demonstrate using Fluid Acrylics. I take advantage of their vivid transparency. So, this is what I do - Change it quickly with a transparent Acrylic Fluid. When dried, not only is it permanent - I can continue working on the art work.

With all the new paint currently being introduced into the Art Market right now, I thought you should know a little about these Acrylic Fluids.

Okay, Watercolorists - Keep it Wet!

Don't forget. Watch the video!


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"New Watermedia for Bob" video.

BobBlast #65 New Watermedia for Bob

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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Bob and Collage Materials
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