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Weekly BobBlast #58
"Studio Prep - Table Set-Up" VIDEO

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Dear Artist,
Studio Prep - My Table Set-Up
Things I do Before I Paint.

Preparation is a big deal for me. Before I start a painting, I assemble everything I am going to need. First of all, I make a decision - Paper or canvas. Then, I get out only the tubes of color and the few brushes that I need for that painting, and I put everything else away. I keep a water bucket, spray bottle for isopropyl alcohol and paper towels close by - within arm's reach. The only other thing I keep on my painting table is my sketchbook with my written goals and ideas for this painting.

So I don't have to look for anything while painting, I put everything on the right side (I'm right-handed). If you are left handed, your tools go on the left side. It's a simple set-up idea, I know -  and it works for me.

Some may call this procrastinating... I call it PERCOLATING!

Bubble Over.

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"Studio Prep - Table Set-Up"

BobBlast #58  Studio Prep - Table Set-Up

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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Things I do Before I Paint."
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