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The Weekly BobBlast #157
Smithsonian Circus Arts.

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Smithsonian Circus Arts.

Welcome Back to Another BobBlast!

By now, you may have heard or read our latest good news!

My Circus-themed paintings and I have been invited to exhibit this week in Washington, DC at the Smithsonian Circus Arts Folklife Festival on the National Mall of the United States.

The huge colorful circus tents and flags are up at the Smithsonian Mall and filled with over 700 famous circus performers ready to go! My part is being in my "happy place," mingling with the greatest living circus acts, while painting under the Big Top. OMG!

And wouldn't you know it... the July/August 2017 Smithsonian Magazine issue front cover features (what else?) THE NEW AMERICAN CIRCUS. The story features artists nationwide who are reinventing the Big Top. I am beyond delighted to be invited to participate.

This good news all fell together like dominoes... At the opening of my Magic Circus Family exhibition at the sarasota Art Center Gallery, the Curator of the Smithsonian Circus Arts program walked in. We talked - I said YES. And that's how I was invited to exhibit and paint at the Circus.

Thank you for your enthusiastic responses and encouragement. And remember, every once in awhile you gotta go to the Circus or you'll go nuts!

Keep your brushes wet!

Thanks again for watching and telling your friends! We strive for short, substantial, informative bits to help jumpstart your time in your studio. 
We appreciate your interest, questions, comments and support!

Here's a quick reminder about some upcoming workshops and dates. 
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Featured Workshops:

Larger & Looser: The New Master's Program for the Postmodern Painter
July 17-21, 2017
Mendocino Art Center
Mendocino, CA
Contact Gina Hurst-Roach, registrar (707) 937-5818

Join the Fun at Cheap Joe's Art Stuff
Abstract Acrylic Painting & Collage
August 21-25, 2017
Cheap Joe's Art Stuff, Boone,  NC
Contact Edwina May, Workshop Coordinator (800) 227-2788 
 Click here for more info

Loosen Up with Aquamedia Painting 
September 11-15, 2017
Utah Watercolor Society
Cache Valley Chapter, Logan, UT
Contact Laura Hawley, 
or call (435) 764-7325

Loosen Up with Aquamedia Painting
September 25-29, 2017
Vancouver Island Art Workshops
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Contact Mary, (250) 714-8080 

Loose, Impressionistic Sketching & Painting Workshop
International Trip to France!
April 13-24, 2018
Contact Dillman's (715) 588-3143
View Bob's Workshop Schedule, click here.

Hope you have enjoyed these short, weekly blasts! Sign up on my website and keep watching. There are lots of them! 

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"Smithsonian Circus Arts." video.
Smithsonian Circus Arts.
Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge

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